Café Carraro Pods

90 EGP

  • Name Café Carraro Pods
  • Brand Carraro
  • Code300050079
  • Weight7 Gram
  • Blend : 100% Arabica
  • Roasting : Medium
  • Decaf : No
    • Arabica 100% is a blend which represents the maximum in terms of aroma and smoothness for Carraro. Fruit of constant research.
    • For Carraro the 100% ARABICA blend is the most in aroma and sweetness that can be obtained in a coffee. It is the result of a constant search for the best Arabica selections in the world and meticulous artisan processing. The perfectly measured and pressed coffee in a pod is packed in an aroma-saving single-cup packet to ensure a creamy, fragrant espresso coffee. This coffee is reserved for the most refined palates of true connoisseurs.

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